The Creation Academy is a nonprofit organization on a mission to create entrepreneurs who will in turn create businesses that will aid in the economic development of our community. We ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship in our students by providing them with the opportunity to experience various creative industries from behind-the-scenes.

Our objective is to open doors for internships, scholarships and/or the start of a successful business. 

The Creation Academy offers after-school and summer enrichment programs at various daycares, schools, churches and recreational centers. Students have the opportunity to participate in creative fields in an organized, as well as, supervised environment. 

In an effort to educate youth in marginalized communities, we offer our programs free of charge to participants, with the support of our sponsors, the community and partners, like you. 


"Working with children has always been my passion. I love exposing them to new experiences and finding creative ways to connect with them. I know that my purpose is bigger than me and I will find the good in everyone, especially our youth."

Summer G, Founder