The Creation Academy will offer a free afterschool fashion program, The Emergent, to rising 9th graders within local Atlanta area schools.

  • Gain internships and networking skills 

  • Provides students with building blocks to developing a positive self-image and entrepreneur strategies for reaching their goals.

  •  Executed over a 24 week time frame, once a week for two hours after-school.  

  • Offered to high school students, grades 9th-12th.

  • The fashion enthusiasts that take part in the program succeed beyond their natural environment and gain hands on experience.

 Students will learn about various career options within the industry and choose their “career track.” Throughout their 4 years within the program, The Creation Academy will work on developing students within their “career track” by providing them with professional mentors, job shadowing and internships. By their senior year, students will have a completed clothing line and a portfolio to display their skills.

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